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Kelsey Belgrave, William Smith, Steven Salgado, Juan Felipe Pareja, Jeta Zabelaj, Carmen Siu, Jessica Lacativa, Clarissa Valerio, Stephanie Perez, Harry Jefferson, Tiffany Figueroa, Stephanie Gomez, Caroline Carey.

A Message From The Creators...

Hello, we are from the City of White Plains Youth Bureau, Youth Aiming for Financial Independence program. As participants in this program we learned how to start and operate our own businesses. In our journey of becoming young entrepreneurs, we learned how to identify a target market, develop selling tactics, and conduct business interviews.


So, how did we come up with this guide? Well, the idea was presented to us by our advisors because we claimed that there was nothing for teens to do in White Plains. They disagreed with us. We were challenged to utilize the skills we learned in the program to put together something that would inform teens about what there was to do in White Plains. We accepted the challenge and started by brainstorming different ideas for how our guide would look and be presented to people. We created surveys and went out to approximately 80 businesses and asked them questions such as, what percentage of there costumers were teens and if they would be willing to provide discounts to White Plains teenagers. During the interviews, we learned that the city had a lot more to offer than just the malls and a Movie Theater. White Plains has a ton of activities, sports centers, dance studios, and special events. We also learned that there are many places for teens to go if they are in need of help. This website that you have viewed is the final result of our mission to provide teens with detailed information on what White Plains has to offer.


We have excellent schools and live in a great city. We hope you enjoy and benefit from using our guide.

We want to thank the White Plains Youth Bureau for supporting and allowing us to put together this website. Furthermore we want to thank Rita Curro and Patti Staffiero for helping us get the guide together and helping us edit.

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