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Practice filling out a Job Application

Sample Application

Job seekers like you are being asked to complete almost 94% of job applications online. Most employers no longer accept paper applications and require applicants to apply via their company web site or the site where they have posted job openings.


Before you complete a job application, it's important to have all the information you need to complete the application on hand. Online application systems typically ask for your contact information, educational background and employment history.


You will need to know when you worked and what you were paid at your previous jobs. You may also be asked what days and hours you are available to work.

Here are a few important things to remember ……..


Follow the Instructions

Follow the instructions when completing applications. Check the company web site or the fine print on the job application form for instructions, because the most important rule to remember when completing a job application is to follow the directions.


Review Before You Submit

Before you click the Submit button, it's important to double-check your application for errors. Typos and grammatical errors count, so carefully check your application. If you're not sure your spelling is correct, use Microsoft Word and spell/grammar check, then copy/paste into the online application.

Download our job application sample and practice filling it out.  Once you hit submit, within 2 business days you will receive feedback and suggestions from our Youth Employment Team regarding the application you submitted.

Practice makes perfect!

Fill out the sample application to the right to get experience filling out a real job application!

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